Målselv Fjellandsby offers downhill slopes that suits everyone!
2017-10-2214:10 Tony Høgtun-Liafjell

At Målselv Mountain Village you will find great slopes for the whole family - designed to provide a challenge for novices and experienced skiers alike. Målselv Mountain features a total of 13 km of exciting downhill ski slopes, including 14 separate runs.

Right in the centre of the resort is a special children’s area for our youngest guests, featuring a belt lift (50 m) and a ski lift (175 m), as well as a mini downhill slope and mini tracks for cross-country skiing.

The experienced skier can get to the top of the mountain using the lift at the Rognmo slope (1.4 km) or drive up to the centre of the resort by car.

From the top of the Rognmo slope, you can ski down the Sagli slope (2.4 km). It is groomed in two sections so you can ski on the groomed trail or off-piste on the same slope.

From the centre of the resort, you can take the upper lift - topskar (650 m) up to an altitude of 550 m above sea level. From the top, you have a choice of two runs: ski down beside the lift or in (3.2 km) when snow conditions permit.

The toppskar slope is also where you will find our ski/snowboard park featuring big jumps, rails and boxes to provide challenges for young and old alike. With black (challenging) and red (moderate) runs as well as a run with a lower level of difficulty near the forest, there are great opportunities for those in search of slightly tougher action!


The new slope, which is 750 m long, is called the Slagstad slope in honour of the land owner. It’s a challenging run. The run starts from the top of the Rognmo slope and then cuts into the forest. You have the choice of rejoining the Rognmo slope or skiing at an angle into the Sagli slope.

Welcome to the moutains!!

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