Wild Moose Safari

Join a safari for the largest land mammal in Norway

2019-09-0822:24 Joana Kelly Degerstrøm

2,5-3 hours

2-8 people


 Målselv region is the habitat of many Norwegian moose -the largest terrestrial mammal in Norway.

Our guide will tell you curious facts about this fascinating animal and drive on a safari to spots where the king of the forest used to be. Here is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the arctic fauna in a comfortable and safe way.

During this adventure, there will be stops for photos, inclusive of a short break on Målselv national waterfall. Where waffles and coffee/tea will be served.

The moose leaves free in the Arctic forest; consequently, we cannot guarantee when it will appear. However, the experience to learn about the animal and being out in an Arctic environment will provide a life-long memory.

We provide warm thermal suits and winter boots to keep the you warm during the experience if needed.